Tuesday, August 13, 2013

rrobateen social network

this is our facebook fanpage, you can see all rrobateen's full collection..
go like rrobateen's fanpage now ;)

the second rrobateen social network where you can see all rrobateen's full collection is instagram
follow us on instagram yaaaaa ^^ www.instagram.com/rrobateen

 naaah, you can see rrobateen full collection too via your twitter timeline xD
when we have our new items or other info we will tweet via twitter..
same with instagram, follow us too on twitter :)))
(double N @rrobateenn)

you have tumblr?? follow us too on tumblr!!! www.rrobateen.tumblr.com
ehmm, we're not too often update on tumblr, but we promise will often update our tumblr from now ;))

 yeaahh. and this our blog xD we can't on time post our new items, because our internet connection can't open our blog (don't know why) but we will keep update this blog ASAP!!! ^^ 

want order from us or want more info about us?? add pin: 29A302F8 for fast respond
we will reply your chats ASAP :)
and we have blackberry group too, add our pin and chat me for join ;) 
beside via blackberry messenger you can reach us via:
line: vhivn
kik: rrobateen
email: rrobateen11@gmail.com

 chat me via line to join line group ;))

kik me!! rrobateen x))

 and yes we're trusted!!!
don't worry to order items from us, we will respond all you chats/email ASAP dearrr
check our testimonial HERE & THIS

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